NSP Property Management LLC knows the key to our success is providing a service our clients and customers deserve, and we want to know if we are succeeding, or where we need to improve. Issues come up from time to time and we have to mediate between two parties, the property owner and the person living in the home. We want to make sure both parties are satisfied with the service we provide. We believe in candid transparency and communicating with our clients and customers. We now provide a forum for you to give us feedback.

It’s as easy as clicking the link below and filling out the survey. You can choose to be anonymous or not. We appreciate your feedback!

Owner Testimonials

"NSP Property Management has been a real lifesaver for my wife and I. We live in Florida and own a home in Lake Havasu City. Having an organization like NSP there for us has saved the day many times. They have been a true business partner in every way and we never have to wonder if they are going to do “what’s right” for us, and our tenants. I would highly recommend them to anyone."
- Rod D.

"NSP is the best in Lake Havasu City. They will work with you. Not only do they return phone calls, they keep you updated with information on the home. What I like best is that they go and check the property every so often to see that everything is according to code and if there is any property damage."
- Pam S.

"Nicolle Stuhlberg went the extra mile recently when one of my units had a pipe breakage and major flood damage. She took the bull by the horns and lined up the subcontractors to repair it as fast as possible, particularly urgent since we had our new renter waiting in the wings to move in. She’s the hero in my book."
- Byron & Kelly F.

"I have been very happy with NSP Property Management’s services. Your team is professional, responsive and has been extremely helpful at every stage of renting and maintaining my property. I look forward to working with you and your team for many years to come."
- Bryan M.

"I would recommend Nicolle as a property manager without hesitation. She managed my home for me for a number of years and I found her to be responsive, honest, & competent."
- Loretta T.

"If you have an investment property in Lake Havasu City AZ. and want to have a professional team oversee and manage the home for you, then NSP is the only choice. When we first purchased the home to have as rental income we contacted another management company in town. After almost a year of them continuously promising they had clients/tenants expected to be coming to town and few showings of the home with not one success, I knew it was time to make a change. I contacted Nicolle at NSP. That was the best call I ever made! Once I made the switch to NSP, within 2 weeks Nicolle and her team had a client secured in a one year lease.

During the first year of having a tenant in the home, the city was hit with a freak storm and down pour flooding several homes in the community. Water came into the home and flooded some areas getting carpet and flooring wet. Within 1.5hrs of this incident, Nicolle had a service crew cleaning up water and minimizing any further damage. It is that kind of service that will give you the comfort knowing that not only your investment is in good hands with NSP, but also the urgency in response and care of your tenants that is crucial to keeping them happy in your home. You can relax knowing that Nicolle, Justin and the other team members really take ownership of your home as you would expect when you have a management company looking out for you.

It is also important to note that after the first year lease was coming to completion, Nicolle and Justin secured another tenant prior to the end of the lease and we now have a 3 year lease in place so there was no disruption to our rental as we moved in the new tenants. If you are looking for true professionals and hands on involvement with your investment home, there is no other choice but with Nicolle, and her NSP team to give you the piece of mind that you will need to help you and your tenants sleep at night!"

- Mark & Jill B.

Resident Testimonials

"We are happy to give a two thumbs up on your services! We have been working with you since June on 2013 and living on one of your properties since July of 2013. We have always been treated great, had any issue that popped up handled with courtesy and quickness, being a single mom it makes things a lot less stressful. Thank you for all your continued service and keep up the great work!"
- Kim D.

"Great & friendly service. NSP goes out of their way to help you out."
- Gabe & Amanda G.

"Been renting from this group for 3 years now. They are always fair and nice honest people. Wouldn’t want to rent from anyone else in Havasu."
- Kim R.

"I’ve been very pleased with the service and support from NSP since I’ve been renting here in Lake Havasu. Many thanks and keep up the great work!!!"
- Lisa G.

"Once again you guys rocked it!!! First with getting the washer and dryer fixed, now the fridge!!! A huge thanks from all of us!!!"
- Tempest A.

"Have been living in my house for a total of 8 years, 7 of which were with a different rental company. The last year (a little over) has been great working with them. ANYTHING I've needed help with "(Maintenance wise) they have been right on top of it! The other company was like pulling teeth. When NSP took over the property it did NOT come with the original inspection but they told me to just start writing things down that was in the original shape prior of moving in. I have since been taking pictures and they are ALL on the ball! A skeptic at first, but gave them a chance and so happy I did! Thank you girls!"

"Very professional..I have been with NSP 8 years and they all have been very nice to me and like I said Very professional,and have sent workers to fix any problems around the property oh and they LOVE my DOG!"

"I had NSP for approximately 2 and a half years.Through that time I had nothing but good experiences with them. If I needed a repair, or had a question the staff were always friendly and very helpful. I would recommend NSP for anybody looking for a rental in Havasu."

"The staff at NSP was very helpful to me and my family when searching for a property to rent in Lake Havasu. We looked at a lot of houses for rent before finding something and their process was basically the same as all the other companies. They were very nice in explaining everything to me and answering all of my questions before I filled out an application."

"I am so glad that I found NSP when I moved here 5 years ago from out of state. They are courteous, professional and the response time for maintenance requests is nothing short of amazing."

"The best property management company in Lake Havasu City!"

"We have been with nsp for a little over a year. we have not had any issues with them. the staff is pleasant. ive been to just about every realty company in havasu and half of them were very rude. Kudos to NSP."